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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Directions to My House: Poems file PDF Book only if.
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And yes, I Read More. On returning home, I was surprised Read More. I met Kate through Molly Peacock and, as women formalists in days when there were very few of us, we bonded and shared some good times Read More.

The 9th Annual New York City Poetry Festival

How to Create a Poetic Tradition. This open letter was originally sent as an email Read More. Goddess Inanna AnnieSpell. Turco, and me.

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The other day, for example, tucked in Read More. Sometimes Only Swinburne Will Do. On a visceral level, I find him cathartic. Tribes of Women. Last year I did a very useful 9-month business training with a wonderful biz coach Britt Bolnick.

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In the Land of Hidden People. I have been traveling in Iceland this week and having my mind quietly blown by a landscape so full of fire and ice and sea, size and solitude and surprise, that it just carves me out as a glacier carves a landscape, leaving space for new wonder. This is the country that decided not to build a road in Read More. My poems flew away and came home at the same time. For over a decade, the Academy of American Poets has been encouraging all of us to carry a poem in our pockets on April 30 and share it with people we meet, in honor of the last day of National Poetry Month.

Why I Am a Woman Poet. Measure for Measure is Out!

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The Read More. Self-Development and the Responsiblity of the Poet. Heading to BEI. Where should BEI go from here? What is the Read More. I LOVE starting things—doing things for the very first time. Footprints in virgin snow. The first page of a new journal. Omniformalism Revisited. Twelve years ago, poet Kathrine Varnes and I got together to celebrate and ended with a manifesto. The anthology had taken nearly Read More.

This post was first published at the Poetry Foundation website, www. But I recited the lines from memory as I scanned the familiar yet strange face, so close to mine, for any sign that their author Read More.

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We walked around her farm and visited the horses, and the cornfields. She Read More.

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Wreaths and Darkness, Doorways and Light. Each year around this time, as I travel through neighborhoods and visit friends, I notice the many wreaths adorning walls and lampposts and, especially, festooning doorways and windows.

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These images of wreaths hold a powerful meaning of beginnings for me — and also of mystery. I think it started back when my brilliant friend Cara told me that she had Read More. On Not Wearing Black.

The Walt Whitman Archive

Can you imagine not wearing black? Is it your go-to color? By a conservative estimate, over half the clothes in my wardrobe were black. From age 14, when I padded around the high school campus barefoot in my favorite black leotard and patched jeans; through Read More. These are cultural anvils dropped from on high with the apparent touch of a feather that Read More. The Countess-Poet and the Blogger-Poet.

I feel she is smiling on me. I feel it like a warmth over my shoulder, Read More. On Selecting a Selected Poems. Home for Beltane! The original American Witch blog began on Yule over at blogspot. Then it moved briefly to Tumblr, but in the process I lost a lot of my old followers. Some readers have asked me to please bring the original blog back, and I miss it too—we had a very nice community there Read More.

Poetry Diplomacy in the Congo. How fitting Read More. Mabon was glorious this year. For the first time, I cast a circle by using the invocations to the directions I wrote to structure my new book of poems. It has taken me two years to get up the courage to use these invocations, maybe because I was so afraid they would sound forced instead of magickal. A Chant for Lammas and My Garden. Though it says two voices, we performed it the other day in four groups of voices, just moving through the poem three times, and it worked out great.

Review of Among the Goddesses. Smith, published just about a century ago, in Happy Birthday to you, William Butler Yeats! I am inspired by a myriad of poets, but perhaps you inspire me most of all: your ear and your adoration of poetry, and also your care for folk art, your passion for politics, your willingness to be a public poet, your spiritual openness.

I write this from the sidelines of one of the final rehearsals of my play Wolf Song, which premieres next week. The brilliant curator had hung it at the end of a long, quiet corridor so you got to approach it slowly Read More.

Our english teacher wanted us to do research on a famous poet that Read More. Anapestic Ribaldry. I read at the University of Vermont a week or two ago, and Glen and I had the pleasure of meeting the very charming Irish-born poet Angela Patten. Cousin Chas on Graffiti. Ostara Vibrations—. This is my favorite Ostara altar ever, thanks to daughter Althea. Taste of Early Spring. Happy Ninth Wave! So this is it, the first day of the ninth and last wave of the Mayan Calendar, known as the time of universal consciousness, the beginning of the age of love and the end of separation.

On Meter, Rhythm, and Birds. A Strange Handful of Valentines.

Last year, it was the Valentine Ball. Usually I write a valentine for Glen every year. Housekeeping and Snow: Happy Imbolc! This is a cross-quarter day then, a reminder that time is moving and we have obligations.

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In ancient times, perhaps we simply cleaned out our fireplace, set aside Read More. As a Yule gift to readers of Poetry Witch Blog, here is my personal collection of pagan-friendly carols. Some are traditional and unchanged. Some are the very best neopagan adaptations I could find by others— signed or anonymous—sometimes as stand-alone songs, and sometimes as second verses of the originals.

Some I have altered myself, keeping as many words of the Read More.